Why Newsguy instead of my Internet Service Provider?

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Why Newsguy? On a typical day, the alt.binaries.mp3 newsgroup will add almost 40,000 new titles. The available songs range from familiar (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Police, The Cars) through new artists (local, national, and worldwide), and downright unusual (Tuvanian throat singing).

You'll find studio cuts, live performances, and bootlegs. If recent song-titles aren't to your taste, you can find songs from the 1930's and earlier -- and even early radio broadcasts of such classics as the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds or The Shadow. You can browse the song list, and pick out those songs that you want. You then use a newsreader program (I use Agent, although you can use any program that supports Newsgroup binaries) to retrieve the songs.

This still hasn't answered the question of Why Newsguy? My Internet Service Provider (ISP) is SNET. SNET does a good job for internet access and e-mail, but barely supports the Newsgroups. Yes, you can see the Newsgroups -- but binaries rarely come through completely. On a good day, the SNET version of the alt.binaries.mp3 newsgroup will have about 4,000 titles. While that may not sound too bad, the problem is that you need to get ALL THE PARTS of a song. So, you'll find that fewer than 10% of the songs you see are complete (and remember that only 10% of the songs showed up in the first place). Also, SNET will have binaries drop off the newsgroup VERY quickly -- usually a day or so, while Newsguy keeps the binaries for 3 or 4 days.

If you check out your ISP, I think you'll find much the same performance -- and you'll be pleasantly surprised with Newsguy. Check them out!

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