MP3 Boss and Winamp3

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To setup Winamp3 you need to do the following:
  • Install Winamp3 (you probably guessed this! LOL)
  • Download and Install the Winamp 2.x plugin manager
    After downloading the Winamp 2x plugin manager, all you need to do is Open the wa2mgr.exe file. It knows where to find Winamp3, and installs smoothly.
  • Copy the file C:\Program Files\Winamp3\studio.exe to C:\Program Files\Winamp3\winamp.exe

  • To copy "studio.exe" to "winamp.exe":
    > From explorer, right-click on the file Studio.exe and click COPY. Then right click again and click PASTE.
    > This will create "Copy of Studio.exe".
    > Just click on that file, wait a couple seconds and click again...and then rename to "winamp.exe"
    Keep the original file too! Luckily, this file is only about 60K -- so it doesn't take up much disk space to keep 2 copies.

    That's IT! Now...just load Winamp3 normally and then load MP3-Boss.


    There are only two limitations that I have found so far:
  • MP3-Boss will NOT automatically load Winamp when you bring up List View. To have MP3-Boss find & use Winamp3, you MUST load Winamp3 BEFORE you switch to MP3-Boss List View. If you have accidentally switched to MP3-Boss List View before loading Winamp3, you can close List View, Load Winamp3, Select Configuration on the MP3-Boss switchboard and then Browse for the player location (normally C:\Program Files\Winamp3\winamp.exe).
  • Shuffle state is not communicated correctly between MP3-Boss and Winamp3. In addition, if Winamp3 shuffle is ON, you Winamp3 will shuffle every song you send to it from MP3-Boss (so you don't play the song you select).

  • If there are any other problems, please let me know!
    Winamp3 problem reports Send questions or comments to: Problems with Winamp3

    Details: Feel free to ignore this!

    Winamp3 isn't actually fully supported by MP3-Boss yet...but so far seems to work quite well. If there are any problems, please let me know!

    Testing was performed with Winamp3 build #488 (v86) - Aug 7, 2002 and MP3-Boss v0.57 under WinXP home edition.
    I have almost completed a new release that fixes the known problems, but Mp3-Boss will always require that Winamp2x plugin manager because of the way Winamp3 was created.

    I plan to see what else needs to be done to fully support Winamp3, but thus far it appears to support playlists, Start Play, Prior/Next play and more.

    Thanks again for your support -- and your patience while I took a look at Winamp3!

    Any questions? Please ask!

    Best Regards,

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    Copyright 2002-2004 OPAL Network. All rights reserved.